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Electronic Medical Limited (EML) is a health informatics company dedicated to delivering products, solutions, and services to clinicians. The product, solution, and services include Electronic Health/Medical Records (HER/EMR), telemedicine, E-prescribing, referrals, document development, and assist in auditing and more. The auditing can include preparing the clinic for foundation and accreditation and more.

We comply with informatics standards and specifications described in HL7 and ISO/CEN 13606 standards. Therefore our products, services, and solutions meet all aspects of EHR/EMR. Therefore, our products, system and services meets the clinical and informatics requirements and facilitates practicing and licensing obligations.


Our Awesome Team

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Pratima Acharya, PhD, MN, RN

Co Founder || Registered Nurse and Health Informatician

Siddhanta Poudel

Developer || Senior Software Developer


Happy Clients

"The EMR system provided has completely revolutionized the way we manage patient records at our clinic. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other systems has saved us countless hours of manual data entry and improved the accuracy of our patient information."

Levi Johnston

"As a small private practice, cost was a major concern when it came to implementing an EMR system. The affordable pricing and exceptional customer support made the transition to a paperless system a no-brainer. We couldn't be happier with our decision."

Aria Patel

"Our hospital's old EMR system was slow, unreliable, and caused more headaches than it solved. The EMR has been a game changer. The system is fast, intuitive, and has greatly improved collaboration between our healthcare providers. We can't imagine going back to our old system."

Tane Williams

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